Green Card Benefits

Each year, the US immigration laws and regulations are always reviewed and modified. Showing the need to properly stay updated with the newest requirements and laws as updated by the US authority. Usually, it doesn’t take time for the US immigration department to enforce any policy changes at the national level. In a situation where you are not well-informed, your application might face the risk of being disqualified.

On the other hand, staying up to date with the recent trends is not only meant for applicants. However, it’s also very necessary for US Green Card holders to be familiar with the newest process on how to renew their Green Cards to avoid unnecessary surprises or delays.

Now, having said these, let’s look at why it’s important to have a Green Card:

Ability to Sponsor Immediate Family Members

Having a US Green Card gives you the privilege to sponsor your immediate family members and give them the chance to permanently reside in the United States with you. According to the US immigration laws, an immediate family member is defined as unmarried under 21-year-old children, spouse, or the parents of the Green Card Holder.

PS: You can also sponsor your extended family members through the “Preferred Family Category”

Less University Tuition Fees

Attending university and most tertiary institutions as an international student is usually costlier than when you are permanently residing in the US. With your Green Card, you are regarded as an “in-state” resident thereby lesser cost.

Being a permanent resident gives you the privilege to apply and receive financial aid for your tuition. It’s also possible for you to qualify for aids that can handle your tuition fully.

Participation in Political Campaigns

As much as Green Card Holders who are not yet American Citizens are not allowed to vote in the US still, they can still contribute to their chosen political party via financial support, ideas, etc. Contributing to your political party can give you room to meet new people and also make your voice heard.

Seamless Travel to and fro the USA

Having a US Green Card gives you the special privilege of traveling in and out of the United States at your own will and convenience. Your Green Card is like a permanent lawful status in the US. It gives the US Immigration service proof that you are a lawful resident of the United States, therefore they need to admit you at any time. But then, if your Green Card had already expired while you were outside of the US, you might have issues getting through the immigration. Therefore, the need to renew before the expiration date.

Also Note: You might encounter issues if you stay out of the country for more than 6 months. At this point, US immigration might query you if you really planned on residing permanently in the US or not. If they are not satisfied with your answer, they might revoke your Green Card status.

Great Career Opportunity

Another benefit of having a US Green Card is the privilege of endless and better career opportunities. Unlike work visa immigrants who need sponsorship from their employers, as a permanent resident, you have legal rights to work in any company of your choice. And also, establish your own company as the case may be.

Access to Social Security Benefits

About 1 in 4 families in the United States depend on social security benefits. These benefits which are mainly funded by the Social Security Administration (SSA) through payroll taxes are used to provide economic security benefits to retired and people with disabilities, including their families. These benefits include food, childcare, and Medicare assistance.

As a Green Card Holder, you are entitled to these benefits. For instance, a Permanent Resident who has successfully worked for over ten years in the United States can claim their retirement benefits when they retire.

Less Paperwork

You can only renew your Green Card once every ten years unlike other residency or visa programs that require annual or biannual renewals. Also, the Green Card renewal process starts six months before the expiration date on the Card. At this point, you would be required to fill the Form I-90 and send it to the USCIS.

However, you can either acquire your Green Card status via winning the diversity visa lottery program or through sponsorship. But if you are already in the States, you can visit the USCIS office near your location to get more information.

Meanwhile, if you are already a Green Holder and want to avoid all this unnecessary paperwork. Then, there’s still an option of applying for complete US Citizenship. Although the process is not easy, there are many more benefits attached to it, if you succeed.

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