The Diversity Visa Lottery Program
(Green Card Lottery)

This special program, DV Lottery, started with the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. The Act gave room for a specific amount of Green Card to be allocated to each country, thereby removing ethnicity and origin for the immigration process. Under this program, immigrants currently in the US could get a form for their family members who are not yet in the United States. And then, assist them in acquiring their own Green Cards.

Initially, the 1965 immigration and Nationality Act had preferences for European immigrants. With time, origin and ethnicity were removed from the process, giving room for more Latin and Asian immigrants. Adding to the situation, around 1978, the US congress also extended the application privileges to the Western Hemisphere countries thereby increasing the diversity in the USA today.

After the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed, the Diversity Visa Lottery started issuing Green Cards.

The Expansion Phase of the Green Card Lottery

After the Immigration Act of 1990 was passed, The DV Lottery was modified:

  1. About 30,0000 extra Green Card was issued, making it a total of 40,000
  2. The Lottery was no longer “First-come, first-served”. Now every applicant was given an equal opportunity. All applications will enter a pool and then winners will be selected from the pool based on a computer-random selection program.

Again in 1995, a significant modification was made to the Green Card Lottery program. Additional 10,000 visas were added to the Lottery program, making it 50,000 in total.

With this modification, the DV Lottery program became one of the most loved American programs all over the world. This is because most people irrespective of their country wanted to immigrate to the United States. Luckily, all interested candidates were all given fair and equal opportunity to do that.

Currently, the United States remains one of the most diverse countries in the world today. With over 300 different languages being spoken by different immigrants that make up the nation. The States also covers different kinds of religion and different cultural backgrounds. There’s a belief that 1 in 5 of American people are either 1st generation of immigrants or 2nd generation

The United States remains the only county in that world that offers a Green Card Lottery program, giving opportunities to different potential immigrants to move into the country and start a new life.

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