How to Apply for The DV Lottery Program

The duration of this program is usually announced by the US State Department each year. Normally, the program starts in October and is allowed to run only for a few weeks. This is why you need USAGCO, we are always updated with this kind of information.

You are allowed to submit your application any of the years. Our experienced team will ensure that your complete application is submitted at the right time and manner.

The Green Card Lottery Registration Process

To register for this lottery, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Check Your Eligibility

This is the first step where you use an online tool to check if you are qualified for the program. This special online tool will also consider other available options which include, claiming your parents or spouse's native country.

Step 2 – Personal Information Registration and Submission

Register and upload your personal information, including that of your family members if any.

Step 3 – Photo/Image Submission

Upload clear photos of yourself and that of your family members if any. If you are having issues with photo upload, you can send them by email. In a situation where you don’t have any soft copy of your photos, you can send the regular physical ones you have. And, you’ll have them digitized for you.

Step 4 – Review

At this point, your provided information and photos will be reviewed by our system and also by our experienced experts to ensure they comply with all the requirements.

Step 5 – Entry and Confirmation

On entering your provided and reviewed information into the lottery, a confirmation number will be sent to you. With that, you can check if you won a slot.

Step 6 – Picking Out Winners

This is the selection stage where more than 100,000 winners will be randomly picked by a computer algorithm. At this point, all eligible applicant is given an equal chance to win.

Step 7 – Check If You Won

You’ll be notified when the results are out. When you get the email, kindly check if you won a slot using your confirmation number.
PS: Winners are NEVER notified by email. You can only check if you won, using your confirmation number. Therefore, kindly disregard any email from unreliable sources stating that you won the lottery.

If you’re considering applying for a U.S. green card, USAGCO can help.
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