USAGCO is one of the leading immigration consultancy firms focused on helping different eligible applicants from different parts of the world to successfully apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program. We also offer professional assistance and guidance services to other US immigration processes. We are interested in helping you fulfill your American dream. We have helped thousands in the past win a slot, we can help you too.

Our Mission and Vision

We strongly believe in the United States and America’s core value which is Unity in Diversity. Allowing everybody to enjoy equal levels of exposure to the same opportunity available in the country. That being said.

However, our major mission and goal at USAGCO is to assist interested candidates who want to immigrate to the United States to do so in the easiest way possible. We strongly see it as our responsibility to provide these interested candidates with unending support and professional guidance to emerge successful in their quest for a Green Card.

How We at USAGCO Can Help You?

With the increasing rate of constant disqualification and denial in the DV Lottery program, therefore you need professional experts who you can trust to guide you through the process. The requirements for the DV Lottery program keep changing each year but at USAGCO, we always stay updated with the latest information as released by the US State Department.

When you choose USAGCO, our major responsibility is to assist you thoroughly all through the application process. We will cross-check for errors and missing information in your application. Then finally, when we are sure that your application is in order, we will proceed to submit your application on time. With us, you’ll have a better chance of entering the program without any form of disqualification.

At USAGCO, we understand the application and submission process to the core. And we have experienced specialists who have helped different individuals gain entry into the program in the past. We can help you too.

Apart from the DV Lottery professional assistance services, we also offer varieties of other immigration services to our interested customers. Our immigration and legal experts are always available to take on your case. So, why don’t you choose USAGCO today?

The Amazing Benefits of Using USAGCO

Here’s what you get for using USAGCO services:

  • Proofread and Error-free Applications
  • Expert Guidance and Assistance on each stage of the Application
  • Full Personalized Account on our website
  • Experienced Immigration Consultancy Service
  • Effective Immigration legal representation by our legal team

So basically, our experienced team can help organize and manage your application from the minute you first hire us to when you’ll finally get your visa. We will walk with you every step of the way.

We guarantee that each of our candidates will be fully assisted and well-taken care of throughout the application process. We are patient enough to work with you on this journey. Kindly choose USAGCO for a seamless application process.

Your Application Success

The application process for your Green Card can be quite challenging. But when your application has been approved, we will be there to ensure that all the necessary documentation is done properly. As part of our duty, we will also assist you in confirming that your application has really been approved.

If you’re considering applying for a U.S. green card, USAGCO can help.
We make it easy to complete your application by turning government requirements into simple questions you can answer online.
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