Why USAGO Can Be Fully Trusted

Over the years, many people have been scammed by various fraudulent immigration companies. Hence, this shows why one should be very careful when choosing where to apply for the US immigration Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery program.

Unlike these fraudulent companies, please note this, USAGCO is not a scam! Rather, we are a legit immigration company who have helped over 200,000 candidates prepare and successfully submit their Green Card Lottery applications. We have been here for years now.

Are you still having doubts? Here are a few reasons why USAGCO is not a genuine immigration agency committed to you achieving your dream of moving to America

At USAGCO, we provide each of our esteemed clients with an Official Confirmation Number. These numbers are usually obtained from the US State Department on successful submission of the DV Lottery application. 

We provide 100% guaranteed participation for all clients interested in the DV Lottery program. However, most scam companies cannot provide proof of guaranteed participation in the lottery program. Hence, the scammed victim might be depending on vain words. However, since our inception, we have helped up to 45,000 candidates become winners of the Green Card Lottery 

For credibility, candidates who choose USAGCO for their DV-Lottery application will receive constant updates about their application status, including policy changes. USAGCO will also contact clients that win the lottery program directly. This is to ensure they don’t fall victim to scams.

Unlike most scam companies, USAGO has been established as a full immigration agency for over 10 years now. Of course, long years in business show the legitimacy of that business

Our customer support service is also reliable, unlike scam companies who are not open when dealing with their victims. At USAGCO, our team is always available to answer your questions.

Interestingly, USAGCO offers different secured modes of payment which include MasterCard, American Express, and Visa Cards. On receiving your payment, we will send you a verified receipt to show proof of purchase. Of course, fake companies can never obtain a legal contract with these certified credit card companies.

However, we hope you have fully understood clearly why USAGCO is not a scam company. We offer a wide variety of payment options, customer services, and guaranteed participation in the US DV lottery program. Therefore, you can fully trust us to legally guide you on how to become successful in your application process. We want to see you succeed and not defraud you.

If you’re considering applying for a U.S. green card, USAGCO can help.
We make it easy to complete your application by turning government requirements into simple questions you can answer online.

Important to know!
USAGCO is not a fraud company: we do not sell government services, documents, visas, or green cards. USAGCO provides legit legal service, we are not a US government office. Our company provides the services of immigration lawyers who help to properly prepare documents to increase the chance of getting a green card.

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