US Citizenship and immigration are highly sought-after goals for thousands of people every year. For immigrants looking to start afresh in the United States, they will be looking to explore the myriad of visas available to them and try to make sense of which path they need to go down to achieve the outcome they are looking for.

For those who already have permanent resident status, they may be seeking citizenship after the usual mandatory wait of five years. It is important to remember that citizenship is only available to those that have been a lawful permanent resident and there is a ten-step process that applicants must undertake in order to obtain their citizen status. This includes the completing of all the necessary forms, having your biometric information taken, attending an interview and passing the naturalization test. If you are successful after the interview you will then be asked to take an oath of allegiance

The US Citizenship and Immigration process can be lengthy but is worth staying committed to this. For those who are seeking immigration to the United States, you are joining the hundreds of thousands of people that make the leap every year. The United States has a series of tight immigration rules that require a good level of comprehension by those looking to live or work in the country. The legislation covering immigration is known as The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) and provides for a limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants every year, though if you have close family members there are some exceptions to this rule.

When it comes to US citizenship and immigration some people decide to enter the green card lottery as a way of being able to live and work in the United States. However, it is worth bearing in mind that more people win the lottery through selection than there are green cards available. This is to take into account the fact that a number of applicants that may decide not to pursue their application should they win a place in the lottery. When it comes to entering the lottery, it is important to move fast. For the diversity lottery in 2018, there were 115,968 winners selected and invited to then make an application for one of the 50,000 available places.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to pursue the US citizenship and immigration process be sure to seek assistance to get things right first time around.

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