Owning a green card is a dream come true for many, but then again you need to keep in mind its validity. A lot of people are in the ownership of an expired green card at the moment and expired green card penalties can prove to be a major hassle if you don’t remember to renew it on time. The reason that a lot of people are holding an expired green card presently is that most people do not use their green card on a regular basis. It is quite normal to forget about the expiry date and forget to renew it on time. According to the law of the United States of America, all citizens of the country are required to carry a green card which is valid at all point of time. Some of the penalties that you might incur in your job if you have an expired green card has been explained below.

Penalties in jobs for having an expired green card

  • Securing a job - If you apply for a new job, your employer would ask you to fill up an I-90 form to check your identity and verify if you are eligible to work within the country. This is required by you in order to satisfy the criterions of the requirements of List-A documents released by the government. You are required to sign this document on the day of joining the company. In the case you have an expired green card; your employer won’t accept it creating a whole bunch of problems. You might, however, provide your foreign passport that has a temporary I-551 stamp, in order to serve as a List-A document but you need to be sure that it is valid as well. If your I-551 stamp has also expired, you will have to approach the USCIS office that is available to you locally in order to renew it. The I-551 stamp usually expires within one year. However, as a result of an expired green card penalty, you would have to endure this lengthy process which can take up to several weeks. Your employer might not be willing to keep the position vacant for so long and you might end up not being able to secure a job.
  • Securing professional license - Expired green card penalties also include losing the job that you presently hold. Certain jobs require you to have a green card which is valid at all times, therefore making it impossible to retain certain jobs. In order to get a professional license in some states, you need to first have a valid green card. You are required to hold a professional license for a number of jobs including law, being a real estate agent, broker of various kinds, insurance agent, law, healthcare, and many others. If you don’t have a professional license you will not be able to hold these jobs.

In order to avoid expired green card penalties in your job you need to renew your green card and taking the help of a professional is the best choice. There are many complicated processes involved with renewing your green card and The United States Green Card Association Website is your best bet in getting things done properly. They are well equipped to handle the complicated steps involved in renewing a green card and helping you avoid all kinds of expired green card penalties. They will help you become the holder of a valid green card in no time at all.


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