Getting a green card through investment is obtaining the EB-5 visa. It is by far the best way to gain permanent residency in America. The EB-5 program started in 1990 with the aim of giving foreign investors the opportunity to obtain a Green Card.

The US immigration law permits foreign investors to become lawful residents along with their partners and unmarried children below 21 years. It permits members of your family to live, work, travel, and study anywhere within the US. Getting a green card through investment does not require visa sponsorship. There are also no education criteria, no minimum skills, work or business experience requirements.

To participate in this EB-5 program, you must be actively involved in the US new commercial enterprise with an investment of $1 million or $500,00 while creating 10 jobs for qualifying employees. Foreign immigrants who gained their green card through investment are called EB-5 immigrant investors.

To be a participant in the EB-5 or get a green card through investment, there are certain conditions an investor must meet. An investor must make a capital investment 1 million dollars or 500,000 dollars through a targeted employment region. The investor must be ready to give a concise and lawful proof of the funds. He must also be able to show that the investment created 10 new full-time jobs for workers in the US for a period of two years. As long as your business is located in the US and it has been providing a source of income for a minimum of ten qualified full-time employees, you are eligible to get a green card.

There is however a numerical limitation to green cards through investment. The USCIS will only give 10,000 EB-5 visa per year. Out of these 10,000 green cards to be issued, 3,000 are reserved for applicants who are investing in areas with a large rate of unemployment (rural area). If it happens that we have over 10,000 investors, some will have to fall on the waiting list, putting into consideration the priority date.

Despite that obtaining green card through investment is considered the best way to become a permanent resident of the US, it has lower chances of success. This is because the eligibility requirements are quite narrow. Also, some individuals may misuse the opportunity so, the USCIS is constantly working on how to prevent cases of misuse and fraud.

If you do not have millions of dollars to invest but you still have the desire to get a green card or to live and study in America to accomplish the American dream, we offer you a simplified way to get it through the annual Green Card Lottery conducted by the US department.

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