In the United States, Citizenship and Immigration services are handled by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) government agency. The USCIS is part of the Department for Homeland Security. Their responsibility is to oversee lawful immigration into the United State of American and across 200 offices throughout the world, they have a total of 19,000 employees making this a huge and complex operation.

Any activity related to immigration or citizenship is handled by the USCIS. However, there are other services that the USCIS can assist with too. For example, the USCIS can assist with citizenship and immigration services to help individuals obtains US citizenship. The service will determine the eligibility and suitability of candidates through the application process.

The service also assists those from other countries who have been offered or seek employment in the United States, helping them obtain a green card where this is suitable. For any permanent resident looking to bring their close family into the United States to live and work the USCIS can also help with this process.

There are also humanitarian programs that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services help with including assistance to those that have been forced to flee their countries.  

For anyone looking to utilize citizenship and immigration services from the USCIS, their website contains a wealth of information and access to all the forms that are required in relation to the diversity visa lottery, lawful permanent resident status, and citizenship. Most application processes can be completed online through the website though do keep in mind that the forms must still be filled in accurately. Making mistakes on the form or supplying incorrect information can have a detrimental impact on your application. For this reason, it can be preferable to obtain assistance with this process.

They USCIS also have a clear policy and data about their processing times which can be useful to people who are trying to understand how long their application may take. Although the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service does not provide detailed timescales, they do publish historical data which can be useful as a point of reference.

For those that are going through an application process with the USCIS, there is also the option to check the status of their case online. This can be useful to avoid lengthy telephone waits and provides up to the minute details of which part of the process any application is currently in.

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