Becoming a US citizen is a dream come true for many and getting a green card is the final step associated with that process. However, in order to get a green card, a number of different processes need to be taken care of. Whether you apply through traditional steps or through the green card DV lottery, the American green card process, still has a number of important steps that need to be taken care of. If a mistake is made, you might have to start the entire process all over again, or required to try again after one year. Therefore, knowing these steps is very important. This article provides you with ample information about each of the steps.

Steps that are part of the American green card process

  • If applying through the lottery, register properly- If you are applying through the DV lottery program, held annually for all immigrants, you need to register with the required details in order to become eligible for going through the rest of the American green card process. You would need to register the details asked for in the lottery form, without making a mistake, at the website of the Department of State. Making a mistake will get you disqualified and you would have to try again the following year.
  • Knowing your category of eligibility- Depending on certain circumstances, you qualify for a particular category of eligibility, under which you can apply for a green card. It is important that you are aware of which eligibility category applies to you so that you can take the necessary steps that are specific to that category. It might either be marriage, job or an asylee/refugee status.
  • Checking for availability of visa- You also need to make sure that visa is available in the category you are applying under. Without visa availability, it makes no sense to apply, since you wouldn’t be selected anyway.
  • Filling up the form that is applicable to your category- You also need to fill up the form that applies to your category. You need to make sure that no mistakes are committed while filling up these forms. The wrongly submitted information can get you banned for a year. The forms include the I-130, I-140, I-360, and I-526. Depending on your category you will be required to fill up anyone.
  • The ultimate steps- The final steps in the American green card process involves passing through the interview that is allotted for you on a specific date provided to you by the USCIS. If you pass the interview, you will have to submit your biometric information and finally take the oath of allegiance to become a legal US citizen.

Guaranteeing a smooth registration

A smooth registration is one in which you have not made a single mistake in the American green card process. In order to ensure that no mistakes are committed, take the help of a professional like the United States Green Card Association. They are very well equipped to handle every query that you might have regarding the American green card process and will guide you throughout the journey, every step of the way. They also understand that it is common to make mistakes since so many things have to be taken care of. Their comprehensive services take care of every detail and allow you to relax as they guide you towards getting your green card.

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