Green Card Organization helps turn the dream of living and working in the U.S. a reality

The Green Card Organization is helping to turn the dream of living and working in the U.S. a reality. Every year, the United States grants 55,000 Green cards, allowing those who receive them to work and live in the United States for an unspecified amount of time. For millions of individuals around the world, the opportunity to travel to the U.S. to pursue work is an absolutely life-changing one. Over 22.4 million people apply for Green cards every year, meaning that less than one percent of all applicants are accepted.

Amongst those Green card applications that are denied, many of them are denied simply because of small errors in the application that do not adhere to the U.S.’s specific and stringent standards. Green Card Organization can provide each applicant with error-free applications, increasing their chance at success. Because nearly half of all applications contain errors, simply submitting an application that has been professionally processed and completed by Green Card Organization can increase the likelihood of setting foot on U.S. soil with a Green card in hand.

green card organizationNot only does Green Card Organization guarantee that each application is completely error-free, but they also make sure that the process is as clear and simplistic as possible. They don’t just want to submit an application, they want to make sure that the entire process is transparent. Each applicant is granted full participation in the process, given thorough support the entire time. Considering how convoluted and difficult the Green card application process can be, this is a welcome respite for many.

Green Card Organization does not just offer support during the application process, but also throughout the entire immigration process. All issues, both basic and complex, are covered by their knowledgeable and detail-oriented team. Green Card Organization employs an advanced team of legal experts to tackle all issues surrounding the immigration process. 


What does Green Card Organization provide?

Green Card Organization provides applicants with a number of services, including…

  • A free eligibility test so that applicants can find out if they’re eligible before submitting.
  • Outstanding customer service through direct communication through whatever form most suits the applicant. Individuals can always speak to a representative via email, live chat, or on a phone call.
  • An extensive application review that guarantees the accuracy of each application, and therefore participation in the lottery.
  • Experienced immigration experts. Green Card Organization offers access to a knowledgeable and dedicated team prepared to suit you.

An efficient and personalized application process

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Green Card Organization is the team’s dedication to personalized help. They understand the process of accumulating a Green card is different for everyone, and the organization makes sure to work within the correct framework for each individual.

The team also understands the timeliness of the process. Accuracy and efficiency are crucial components to making it through the application process on time and with the greatest chance of success. There is a specific timeline for the immigration process, depending upon the specific category under which each applicant is applying. The timelines can occasionally be confusing, which is why the Green Card Organization makes sure that each applicant meets all necessary deadlines for that specific application. No opportunity will be missed when it comes to achieving each goal.


How can applicants earn a Green card?

There are a few different means through which applicants can earn their green card. One of the most common is through a family member who is already a U.S. citizen or a Green card holder. This method is limited to legal spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, or parents of the petitioners. It is also common for applicants to try and obtain a Green card through a job that they have secured. This can be earned when an employer petitions for an applicant when the applicant has invested in American companies or created American jobs, or through a self-petition for highly skilled workers. In addition, applicants can apply through seeking refugee/asylum status, or through the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program.

The Global USA Green Card Organization can provide clients of all applicant types guidance, professional assistance, and transparency throughout the entire application process.


What should applicants know about the “DV (Diversity Visa) lottery program”?

  • There is only one submission allowed per person per year. If applicants submit more than one, he or she is disqualified.
  • The visas are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There are more winners than there are available Green cards, meaning that it is crucial to continue completing the necessary post-application processes.
  • It is absolutely essential that applicants receive professional help. About 40% of self-handled applications are disqualified because of simple, completely preventable errors.

Green Card OrganizationThere are millions of individuals worldwide who think about achieving the American Dream. The Green card is the ticket to this dream. Unfortunately, getting one can be a difficult and confusing process. The Green Card Organization offers an effective solution for those searching for a way to live and work in the United States. No matter how applicants choose to obtain a Green card, this qualified team of experts can walk them through the process.

If you or someone you know is looking to enter the lottery for a Green card to live and work in the United States, then visit today for your free eligibility check! You can also email them at [email protected] or call their toll-free number at 1-888-433-01-35.

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