The Best Guide to Filling an American Visa Lottery Form

If you are planning to move to America using the American lottery route, then one of the things which you would surely have to do soon enough is to fill an American Visa lottery form. This would be one of the baby steps you would need to take if you want to eventually land your green card. Here is a complete guide on everything that you should know about the American Visa Lottery form and how to fill it.

The first thing you should know is that you will only get one chance to fill in these forms through the United States Department of state website. Things like:

  • Last/Family Name, First Name, Middle Name
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Country of Eligibility for the DV Program
  • Entrant Photograph

And this is only a small part of the questions that you have to answer. Many people seek help from experienced and reliable companies like us to fill out the form and be sure that the application will take part in the lottery of the US department.

When looking for the visa lottery form, you should be on the lookout for a form which reads DS-5501. This form would only be available when it is time for the open registration for the diversity visa. It is important to note that there is no avenue for printing out this form and everything that you would need to do would have to be done online. It is also important to note not filling up this form completely would lead to automatic disqualification of your form and your application.

You should also note that you are only allowed to make one entry at a time as two entries regardless of where it is made or who made them would lead to you being disqualified. You would also not be required to send documents such as your birth certificate and so much more. You should try to obey the rules to the best of your knowledge.

On the application, you would be required to fill in some important things. This would include your full name. You should ensure that they are written in block or capital letters. You would also be requested to fill in accurately your gender (male or female) and where you were born. Your date of birth would also be needed. Other things like your country of origin would also be needed.

Many people make mistakes by trying to apply for a Green Card Lottery by their own in such things like misspelling a word can lead to disqualification and you will be not available to apply again for this year. To avoid such inconveniences firstly, check whether your participation in the lottery is eligible and what your chances are to win. You can request our services immediately after checking and our consultant will contact you.

Also, you would have to present photos of yourself and possibly your family. It is important to note that family pictures or pictures where there is more than one person is not allowed. You should ensure that all the pictures which you have attached to your visa lottery form have only a single person in each photograph. It is also not necessary for you to mention the names of your children or relatives who already live in the United States or are citizens already. Also, note that children who have married or have their own families would not be eligible to be added to this list.

Surely this process is very confusing and who is not an expert in the field, may make easy mistakes filling out forms and by this, may lead to a disqualification.

Due years of experience in the Green Card Lottery field, GreenCardOrganization are following all the rules and steps that the US department requires for correctly Applying to the Green Card Lottery form, that would lead to an improvement on your chances of getting selected from the lottery process.

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