The USCIS (United State Citizenship and Immigration Service) provide green cards to those they class as “legal permanent residents”. USCIS green card status is seen by many born outside the United States as the best way to fulfill their desire to live the American Dream but there are some hurdles to acquiring the green card. Acquiring USCIS green card status also allows the green card holder to apply for US citizenship after five years.

Each legal permanent resident is provided with a card by the USCIS as proof of their legal immigrant status. In fact, failure by immigrants over the age of 18 years old to carry their green card can result in up to 30 days in jail.

There are a number of ways in which someone can acquire USCIS green card status. For example, it is possible to apply for a green card through family if you are the immediate relative of a US citizen or dependent, or another family member of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Eligibility under the family criteria also includes those that are the fiancée of a US citizen, a widower of a US citizen or someone that is the victim of battery or extreme cruelty.

Employment is another common route that individuals will use to achieve USCIS green card status. The wide categories, each with their own criteria include classifications such as immigrant worker, immigrant investor, and physicians. Once you have determined your eligibility for a green card you must undertake the application process. This process requires you to ensure that you have filled out the forms fully and accurately. Some people choose to do this although some applicants prefer to obtain assistance doing this to avoid any delays due to incomplete or incorrect forms.

Once the forms have been submitted you will be scheduled an appointment to provide biometric data. Some applicants may also have to go through an interview process. It may be the case that further evidence is also asked for. Once this process has been complete it is simply a case of waiting for a decision on the outcome of your application. When you are informed of the USCIS green card status outcome you will be written to with the decision.

For those that obtain their green card, this is a fantastic first step in starting their new life to live and work in the United States.

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