Gaining entrance into the United States through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery program is an amazing experience. But still, there is a need to understand the truths about immigration companies. This will guide you from falling victim to scams.

Over 10 years, we have successfully helped up to 200,000 candidates prepare and submit their Green Card Lottery visa applications. So, we are experts in the system

Now, let’s briefly show you the main points why USAGCO is not a scam, fully reliable, legit and trustworthy to handle your application preparations and submission.

Unlike most scams that offer dubious modes of payments, at USAGCO, we provide varieties of different secured payment options like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, etc. Also, as part of our commitment to transparency, we will send you receipts as proof of payment, verified by any of these financial institutions. You should know those scam companies can never provide verified proof.

As you already know, fake companies tend to abscond once they receive your payment. However, at USAGCO, this is not the case. Once you become our clients, be rest assured of great customer support services. Our team is ready to provide all the assistance and guidance you for a successful Green Card Lottery application

We have been in this legit business for more than 10 years now, so we are fully established. Over the years, we have extended our immigration consultancy services to thousands of applicants from different parts of the world. You should know that fake companies do not have well-established structures like USAGCO.

Unlike fake immigration companies, we provide guaranteed participation in the DV Lottery program. Hence, giving our clients 100% assurance of their entry into the Lottery program. Unfortunately, people who have fallen victim to scams will never know if their applications have been submitted. But at USAGCO, we update our clients on any new developments

We have also helped over 30,000 immigrants become winners of the US Green Card Lottery program. Scammers can only show fake proof of what they have never done just to get your money.

In conclusion, USAGCO is a reliable and well-established immigration consultancy firm that has been helping candidates over the years. We provide quality and trustworthy immigration services that can guarantee you entry into the Lottery program. Hence, you might emerge a winner in the end. You can trust us!

If you’re considering applying for a U.S. green card, USAGCO can help.
We make it easy to complete your application by turning government requirements into simple questions you can answer online.

Important to know!
USAGCO is not a fraud company: we do not sell government services, documents, visas, or green cards. USAGCO provides legit legal service, we are not a US government office. Our company provides the services of immigration lawyers who help to properly prepare documents to increase the chance of getting a green card.

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