Fun Facts About the United States of America Green Card Lottery

The United States of America Green Card Lottery is one of the highly sought visa programs run anywhere in the world. For most people around the world, it is a symbol of their dreams to one day move to America. For this reason, the Visa Lottery program is always filled with millions of applicants fighting for a Green Card. Out of all these people, only about 50,000 people will make the cut. Here are some fun facts about this program which might just interest you.

Fun Facts about the United States of America Green Card Lottery

Why Was the Program Started?

The United States of America Green Card Lottery was first made legal and official in 1990 due to issues facing immigration in the United States. It was seen that only a few countries from around the whole world had it easy entering into the US while other countries struggled. Therefore, the Visa Lottery was a way to make immigration into the US easier for these countries. Over the past two decades, since it was first started, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been able to successfully migrate to the US under this program. It is also important to note that this program is also known as the diversity visa program.

What Are the Qualifications?

The United States of America Green Card Lottery system is only available for persons from countries that have very little people in the US. The general rule is that you are only eligible if you are from a country who has fewer than 50,000 persons that have made the move in the last five years. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you are married to someone who is from a country which is eligible, you are still allowed to apply. You can also choose to apply from a parent’s country of origin which is eligible.

There are also other qualifications which the United States of America Green Card Lottery requires. One of them is that you must have some education. The minimum education that is required is that you must have the equivalent of a high school degree in your country of origin. There is no maximum degree required. Another thing that you are going to need is your work experience. The general rule is that you must have gotten at least two years of experience working in a profession. This profession must be one that requires two years of training. This is usually determined or considered by the Labor Department in the United States.

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If you are accepted the united states of America Green Card Lottery system, you would still have to meet some requirements as to your medical conditions and other things.

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