Getting a green card is the final step towards securing your US citizenship. There are many ways in which you can apply for a green card. There are applications that are processed every year at the USCIS, and many people get green cards by going through the procedure involved. However, this process usually has many applicants and it can take quite a while till you get through. Another way is the visa lottery program. This is a unique program that is held every year in the United States of America, and if you are lucky enough you can get selected in the lottery and come to a step closer towards getting your US citizenship. To know more about the visa lottery program keep reading.

What is the visa lottery program?

Also known as the lottery for a green card, this is a program that helps in the US on an annual basis as part of the diversity program. Around 55,000 visas are given away every year to various applicant’s selected through a lottery. These applicants are all from different backgrounds and this process has been started in order to increase the ethnic diversity of the United States of America. One thing that hardly any people realize regarding getting a green card is that not everybody gets selected. Even people who have submitted a terrific application might get rejected. However, this has been mitigated because of the 55,000 visas that are made available each year to people from diverse communities, whose rate of immigration into the United States of America has always been low. A computer is used to facilitate the visa lottery program and select the lucky winners of the green card. The Immigration Act of 1990 is responsible for the Diversity Visa, and the visa lottery program. This program had been created as a favor to the different nations that are known to send few immigrants inside the US. It is known by the name of Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery. The process of getting a green card is lengthy and sometimes many years might be spent before you succeed in getting a green card. If you register in this lottery, you at least get a chance to decrease this wait-time. The main reason behind the visa lottery program is to encourage people from different backgrounds to come live in the US and provide diversity to the country’s population. The wait-time that you would have to go through if you happen to get selected in the visa lottery program might only be just one year.

Importance of hiring a professional

In order to register yourself for the visa lottery program, you need to fill up important details and submit the registration through the legitimate portal. There are a lot of different scamming and fraudulent websites that promise to get you registered for the diversity lottery but in reality, they are simply taking your personal information from you. It is important to hire a professional in order to ensure that you do not become prey to such fraudulent behavior and that every single detail is filled properly. If you commit a mistake, you cannot apply again for an entire year, until the next visa lottery program. The United States Green Card Association is your solution to this problem. They assure you that your registration procedure is completed properly and also give you ample information regarding the steps that would follow if you get selected in the lottery. They are highly experienced and their tips regarding how you can easily pass the following steps and become a US citizen is very valuable. Choose them to make sure that you don’t lose precious time while applying for US citizenship.

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