As an attempt to increase the cultural diversity of the United States of America, the countries government decided to give away 55,000 green cards every year, through a lottery program, in which applicants would be selected through a lottery of the registered applications and 55,000 immigrants will get a chance to secure their US citizenship. This program came to be known as the DV Visa Lottery, and the details about its inception, benefits and application process has been provided in this article.

What is the DV Visa Lottery?

As a result of the Diversity program under the Immigration Act of 1990, the DV Visa Lottery was started in the united states, where applicants can register and hope to win a chance to get a green card and US citizenship. The number of visas given out every year is 55,000 and this has been done to increase the number of immigrants from countries that rarely send immigrants and to also increase the cultural diversity of the country’s population. A lottery conducted over a computer is used to decide the winners and application usually starts around October-November of every year, with the results being announced in May of the next year.

What are its benefits?

Although you might prefer applying through traditional ways to get a green card, you need to remember that the number of applications through this process is huge and not everybody gets selected. Even a brilliant application might get rejected at times owing to unavailability of visas. Moreover, this process is very lengthy, with some even taking many years. On the other hand, through the DV Visa Lottery, you might get selected purely on the chance if you have registered correctly. You need to remember that a wrongful registration with incorrect details will get you disqualified and you would have to wait for another year before applying again. So, make sure that you don’t make any mistakes. Moreover, if selected. This process is pretty fast and you get the chance to secure a green card within a year of getting selected in the lottery. There is no competition in this category, apart from luck and proper registration. The number of visas being given out through this process, being so high, you have a high probability of getting selected.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you need to visit the official website of the Department of State and fill in the registration form over there. There are several details that are part of this form and you need to accurately fill up each, following the instructions given. If you fail to provide accurate information or end up making a mistake and still submit the form, you will not be able to apply for another year. You will have to wait till the next DV Visa Lottery to be able to apply again. Therefore, it is important that you take extra care and some specialized help in order to register properly.

The need for a professional

There are many details that need to be filled up correctly in the DV Visa Lottery registration form in order to not get disqualified and stand a chance to be selected in the green card application process. These details are many and it is quite natural to become confused and make mistakes if this is your first time. With the help of the United States Green Card Association, you can easily avert such a mishap and get your registration done in an accurate manner. They are always dedicated to guiding you through the whole process and provide you with insight and assistance in each and every step. Choose them to make sure that you register properly and get a chance to become a legal US citizen.


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