US citizenship is very coveted citizenship. You get to become the citizen of a world superpower. However, there are some important steps that are involved in becoming a US citizen. You need to go through each of these steps carefully and if any mistake is made, you lose the chance of applying for the citizenship for almost a year. Therefore, it is important that you take the help of a professional that can guide you through the procedure and keep you from making mistakes. Some of the important steps that are involved in the road to US citizenship have been mentioned below.

Steps involved in becoming a US citizen

  • Naturalization application- The application for naturalization is also known as the N-400 form and it is the first step to becoming a US citizen. You can download this form from the official website of USCIS and each of the instructions needs to be carefully adhered to. In the end, you sign the form and submit. If you are staying outside the US, you would also be required to attach two passport size photographs. You should also check if any other documents are required before finally clicking on ‘submit’. You also need to attach the proof of you having paid the fees required for the application before submitting it while keeping one copy for the day of the interview.
  • Biometric Information- The next step to becoming a US citizen involves giving your biometric information. This procedure is conducted by the USCIS, and on the allotted day you would be required to visit their offices and submit your biometric information, along with a photograph, which they will take.
  • The process of naturalization- The naturalization process is next in line for becoming a US citizen. This process is very important, and you must not miss it at all. However, if you are unable to make it on the allotted day, you must notify the USCIS before time. In this process, some tests are taken. These include reading, writing, speaking and civics tests to assess your proficiency in English and US civics. You are required to score at least 6 out of 10 from the questions in the civics test. In case of failure during the first attempt, you can try again in 60-90 days. But in case you fail for a second time, you must start the entire procedure again.
  • Oath of allegiance- The final process to becoming a U.S citizen involves the ceremony for taking the oath of allegiance. In the case you cannot attend the ceremony on the date allotted, you will have to fill an N-445 form and provide the reasons for your absence. This would be reviewed by the USCIS and an alternative date will be given to you. Upon completion of the oath, which can only be done in the form of a court judge, the Certificate of Naturalization will be given to you, thereby completing your process of becoming a US citizen.

With so many different steps involved, it is quite easy to get lost and make mistakes. Therefore, a professional is required to help you not make such mistakes. In the case that you fail the process of naturalization or miss out any important detail you are banned from applying for almost a year. The United States Green Card Association is the best choice to solve this dilemma. They are well equipped to handle your application process and guide you correctly so that your registration is completed without any flaws. They make the steps involved in becoming a US citizen easier.

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