How to know if USAGCO is a Legit Immigration Service Company

Understanding all the characteristics of a fake and a genuine immigration service company will help you not ever fall victim to scammers. USAGCO is here to help achieve your American dream which is moving to America with your loved ones.

People have fallen victim to many scams or self-acclaimed immigration service companies. To ensure you don’t experience the same. Here’s how to identify if any immigration company is fake or legit, including USAGO.

Fake or scam immigration companies are only focused on the money. They can charge ridiculous amounts of money without providing real evidence that they can do the job. However, at USAGCO, our reputation already speaks loud. We have helped hundreds of thousands prepare their application and get them successfully submitted.

Upon submission, we also send your unique confirmation number as provided by the US state department. This is to follow up and track the progress of your application. Any scam companies must have run away with your money before even talking about tracking your application.

A legit immigration service firm that covers US immigration will always guarantee entry into the US Green Card Lottery. And, this is what USAGCO can do. However, scam companies can only ask you to pay money for submission. But, they won’t provide you with real evidence that can get you into the Green Card Lottery program

How to know if you are dealing with a scam is that once you pay, they will block you out. But this is not the case with USAGCO. Once you become our client, we will assign a personal case officer who will guide you step-by-step on your application. Also, note that fake companies have no history of past success or even testimonials for those they have helped move to America. At USAGCO, we can provide you with all the evidence you need.

Also, to portray our genuineness, we will contact you immediately with the results of your application when they are out. We treat all clients with the utmost care, unlike scam companies who don’t care about your well-being. 

Additionally, USAGCO only does business with secured and renowned payment platforms like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Unlike fake companies who offer shady or dubious modes of payment. Once you suspect foul play in the payment process, you know it’s not legit

From all indications, you can discover how USAGCO is fully different from scam and fraudulent immigration companies.  Our processes are straightforward. Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any time. We are available to clarify all your doubts and also achieve your dream of moving to America.

If you’re considering applying for a U.S. green card, USAGCO can help.
We make it easy to complete your application by turning government requirements into simple questions you can answer online.

Important to know!
USAGCO is not a fraud company: we do not sell government services, documents, visas, or green cards. USAGCO provides legit legal service, we are not a US government office. Our company provides the services of immigration lawyers who help to properly prepare documents to increase the chance of getting a green card.

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