A green card is necessary to get US citizenship. If you are planning to apply for a US citizenship, then you need to be aware of the steps that are part of the process. In order to apply for green card, you are also required to satisfy certain pre-requisites, and only then can you proceed to the following steps. Since it is very important that you know all of the steps involved in the process very well to ensure that no problem arises later, the most important steps have been mentioned in this article.

Steps that you need to follow to apply for green card

  • Knowing your eligibility group- There are different reasons showing which you can apply for green card in the US. These reasons will make you fall under a particular category and it is important to figure out this category in order to follow the steps that is specific to that group. These reasons or categories may include job, marriage or asylee/refugee status. Depending on the category you fall under specific forms are available that you need to fill.
  • Checking visa availability in your group- You also need to check if any visa is available for your category. You might apply for green card but without sufficient availability, you won't be able to secure a green card. It is important that you apply only when visas are available.
  • Filling up the application form carefully- The next step in applying for a green card involves filling up the appropriate form that applies to you. There are several forms and special care should be taken while filling up the information boxes. If any mistake is made you might be banned to apply for green card for almost a year. The different kinds of forms available include I-130, I-140, I-360, and I-526.
  • The final steps- The final steps that are required to be fulfilled as a result of the application process includes the interview process, taking of biometric information and finally the oath of allegiance. The USCIS convenes over the interview and takes the final decision of approval or denial after closely reviewing all the application details and interview results. In order to correctly apply for green card, you need to make sure that both of the aforementioned steps are carried out properly. If accepted, you will be asked to take an oath of allegiance before you start calling yourself a US citizen.

The United States Green Card Association: Benefits

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