The green card results are published in May every year by the US Department of State. Everyone who submits an application for the green card lottery will receive a unique confirmation code. The lottery draws itself requires participants to check the green card results online with their unique code.

It is important that you check your status as soon as the results are published as being selected in the lottery does not mean that you will be automatically issued a green card. To check the results, you will need to access the online portal and use the 16-digit number you were issued, along with your last name and date of birth to check your status. If you are lucky enough to have been selected as a winner when checking the green card results you will need to complete your green card application as soon as possible.

It is worth keeping in mind that more people are selected to win the lottery than there are green cards available. This is to account for a number of people that may decide not to pursue their application should they win the lottery. However, to avoid losing out it is important to act quickly. For the diversity lottery in 2018, there were 115,968 winners selected and invited to then make an application for one of the 50,000 available places.

If you pass the interview process and are issued with a green card you will be expected to take up residence in the United States within a short timescale. Some of those who win the lottery and obtain their green card will then later forfeit their green card when they fail to take up residence in the US. As soon as you have checked the green card results and discovered that you are a winner, you need to be making plans to settle in the country.

Living and working in the United States provides winning immigrants the opportunity of living a life they could not have contemplated before. However, moving to a new country takes planning and you will need to prove that you can support yourself whilst living there. Our advice is to check the green card results as soon as possible and start planning this amazing new chapter in your life if you have been selected as a winner. As with everything, it can take time to make sure you are fully prepared.

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