The United States diversity visa lottery, otherwise known as the green card lottery is a unique opportunity to start a new life in the US. Every year, millions of potential immigrants enter the lottery hoping to be one of the 50,000 people selected to enter the country as a permanent resident.

Competition is high and those drawn as winners in the green card lottery must demonstrate that they have the requisite high school education or work experience in order to be issued with their green card. It is particularly important that those entering meet the green card lottery deadline or they will miss out on being included in the lottery for that year and will need to wait until the following year to enter again.

The green card lottery deadline changes on a year by year basis so it is important to check the entry submission end dates, or you could miss out on your chance. We would always recommend making a note of the green card lottery deadline to ensure that you have completed and submitted your entry in time. Applicants are also advised to avoid waiting until the last week of opening before they submit an entry. During the last week, the green card lottery website can become overburdened and issues with access may occur as everyone rushes to complete the online entry form. In the DV2020 lottery, the opening date was October 3, 2018, with the last day for entries on November 6, 2018. Future lotteries are likely to be open for a similar length of time.

The green card lottery deadline is not the only thing potential applicants need to take notice of. The requirements for completing the entry form are very specific so it is important that these are followed properly. One mistake could result in an entry being disqualified and this would mean the entrant is unable to enter the lottery until the following year.

The green card lottery is one of the most sought-after immigration routes in the world. Competition is high with an opportunity to have permanent residence in the United States and a new life at stake. Therefore, it is important to ensure your entry is not discarded or disqualified. Remember to read the form carefully and submit it by the green card lottery deadline to ensure that you do not miss out on the chance of pursuing the American Dream!

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