Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery, also popularly known as the green card lottery is a lottery program by the US government for giving permanent US resident card to applicants. Each year, 50,000 immigrant visas are made available under this program by the Department of State. The purpose of the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery program is to select a diverse population of immigrants in the US. Applicants under this program are chosen from countries that have registered less immigration in the last five years. The results for the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery are much anticipated, as there are about 20 million applicants for this lottery every year. As per the law, you can only apply once for each lottery year, and if you are found with multiple entries it will be automatically considered to be disqualified. Moreover, you are only provided with a limited period of time to submit your entry into the Electronic Diversity Visa Program every year that makes it all the more competitive. Every year, the Department of State updates the instructions for applicants of the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. As a result, it becomes quite tough for applicants to keep up with the immigration entry form requirements, and fill it by themselves. One single mistake in the entry form and you will lose one whole year to try for your US citizenship. In order to avoid such a scenario, it is better that you take help from consultants like us to complete the entry form in the right way.


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There is no doubt about the fact that as an applicant you can proceed with the registration by yourself. But, if you want to avoid any chances of losing out an opportunity to get your US citizenship just because of a minor mistake in the registration form, then you must take help from our services. The Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery registration form requires a whole lot of information from the applicants, and it is quite likely that at one point or the other your attention will get diverted. In this case, it is advisable that you take assistance from our company Green Card Organization to fill your Diversity Visa Lottery form and avoid the slightest chance of error in it. Because, otherwise, the slightest mistake in the form from your side can disqualify you from participating in the visa lottery automatically. At Green Card Organization, we are committed to helping turn your dreams into reality by playing the role of stepping in your immigration journey. Because only once you have cleared the first step of filling the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery form correctly, can you increase your chances of being selected to be granted a US citizenship! Don’t let your dreams die just because of a small mistake in the visa entry form. Get in touch today to seek professional help filling your Diversity Visa Lottery form, and give wings to your dream of getting citizenship in the land of endless opportunities!

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