The diversity visa lottery program is a chance for immigrants that have come about due to Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This creates an opportunity for a subsection of immigrants known as “diversity immigrants,” from countries that historically, have seen little immigration to the USA. 50,000 people each year get the chance to win a new life in the USA as part of the diversity visa lottery program.

What is particularly attractive about the diversity visa lottery program is that it provides the opportunity to work and live in America without the need for any family, sponsorship or employment. Subsequently, this provides a compelling and unique opportunity for those people that live in the eligible countries and have a desire to travel to the United States of America.

The diversity visa lottery program provides a green card status that comes with a number of advantages. This includes the ability for green card holders to purchase their own property in America or for the more entrepreneurial they can register a company and begin a business.

To legitimately submit an entry for the lottery, applicants must be born in one of the eligible countries that have been selected for the year. The diversity visa lottery program rules also state that any applicant selected for a visa is compelled to provide evidence that they have completed at least two years of high school education or two years’ work experience in a role that requires that length of experience. It is also mandated that applicants have no criminal record, be in good health and do not need the support of any kind.

The diversity visa lottery program requires the applicant to fill out an online form, but accuracy is essential. Each time the lottery is held, significant numbers of people will make errors on these forms and suffer automatic disqualification that year. For those with their heart set on a new life, this can be a significant blow. To avoid this, there are advantages in seeking help to complete these forms and avoid common mistakes.

Once your form is submitted it is an exciting wait for the outcomes with the winners experiencing what only others can dream of. We always recommend submitting your form as soon as possible, those who miss out may not be able to enter the diversity visa lottery program next year as the eligible countries do frequently change.

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