Everything You Should Know About American Green Card Application

For most people around the world, their dream has always been to live and work in the USA. If you are among those who share these desires and sentiments, then you would probably be looking for ways to emigrate from your home country to America. The first step which you would most likely have to follow is to apply and get an American Green card which is also known as the immigrant visa. The American green card application can be done via three routes. These three routes include winning the lottery for a green card, going for work-related reasons and moving there through the presence of family. Here what you need to know about the American green card application.

Where to Apply

The first thing you would need to do is to formally apply for a green card to be given to you. Any application that you make would have to pass through the immigration services of the United States of America which are popularly known as the USCIS. If and when your application is accepted, you would then be asked to visit the embassy in your country of origin so that the usual consular processing would be done.

Getting a Green Card Using the Lottery System

One of the easiest methods among the lot is by using the green card lottery system which has been organized by the United States. Every year, America welcomes about 55,000 new immigrants into the United States through the lottery system. This type of visa is also popularly known as the Diversity Visa Program. To have a shot at getting a green card, you would have to participate every year through the drawing set up. If you are chosen, then you would be given an easy route to achieving your dreams by moving to America. However, keep in mind that your chances here are all down to luck and chance.

Getting a Green Card via a Job

Your American green card application can also be completed through the job route. However, the form or category of visa which you would be given would largely be dependent on the type of work which you have gotten. There are many things which they look at including your qualification, age, and affiliations amongst other things. Bear in mind that this route is usually long and tiring. My advice to you is that you should only take it as a last resort.

Getting a Green Card via Family

Your American green card application can also be completed if you already have family living there. This is because America ensures that family members get to stay with each other as soon as one member has a green card. If your family member is married to a citizen, you would also be allowed to get a green card.

Here are the best routes to America. Hope you get to fulfill your dream sometime soon.


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