The green card is one of the primary things that you would need if you were to become a legal US citizen. However, the traditional processes that are involved with the sanctioning of the green card are usually very long and take a while. You might even have to wait for some years for you to get selected for the interview. However, with the Immigration Act brought out in the year 1990, a new kind of visa was brought out. This visa is known as the Diversity Visa and every year the government of the United States gives away 55,000 new visas to people from different countries in an attempt to increase the diversity of the country’s population. This process reduces the wait-time drastically and all you have to do is enter the green card lottery, whose registration starts around October and the results are given out in May. However, there are certain details that you need to fill out properly in order to have your registration be submitted properly. If you make any mistakes in filling out the details in the green card lottery form, your registration is canceled and you would have to wait for another year before being able to apply. The most important details regarding the registration process have been mentioned here.

Details you need to fill in the green card lottery form

  • Full name- The first detail that needs to be filled in the green card lottery form is your full name. All in capital letters.
  • Date of birth- You need to fill your DOB in the format ’dd/mm/yyyy’. Make sure that you use this format.
  • Gender- Whether you are male or female.
  • The city you were born- Mention the name of your birth city in the green card lottery form.
  • The country you were born- The country’s name that you presently use for denoting your birthplace.
  • Country of eligibility- In most cases, this is the country that you were born in, but in some special cases you can also use the birth country of one of your parents or your spouse.
  • Photographs for entry- Avery important detail required to be filled as part of the green card lottery form, you need to submit individual digital photographs of your own self, your spouse and all of your children only if they are below the age of 18. You need to attach photographs of all children you have had, even if you are not currently their guardian or not married to your former spouse. Group photos are not accepted. They should be individual photos.
  • Mailing address- Your current mailing address in the format asked in.
  • Phone number- Your personal phone number where you can be easily contacted.
  • The country you live in presently- The name of the country you are residing at the moment.
  • E-mail address- A mandatory detail required to be filled as part of the green card lottery form, you need to provide the email address that you use personally and not a company email address.
  • Educational qualification- The highest degree of education that you have taken to date in a concise manner.
  • Marital status- Whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced or separated legally.
  • Information about your spouse- All the details asked for your spouse.
  • Information about your children- All the details asked for regarding your children

What to do to not make a mistake?

As you can see that a lot of details are required to be filled up the green card lottery form, and making a mistake is quite easy. If you do commit a mistake, you will not be allowed to apply again for a year and your registration will be canceled. Therefore, you need to hire a professional who will keep you from making a mistake. The United States Green Card Association is a brilliant service provider, helping you out from this fix. Their dedicated team looks after you all the way and assists you with the form filling process, ensuring that you do not make a mistake. Choose them to make, getting a green card easier.

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USAGCO is not a fraud company: we do not sell government services, documents, visas, or green cards. USAGCO provides legit legal service, we are not a US government office. Our company provides the services of immigration lawyers who help to properly prepare documents to increase the chance of getting a green card.

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